Do you have the right technology to support your business objectives and people into the future?

A system of doing business that makes sure you Thrive and not just Survive? We do.

We're part of the new paradigm of Digital Transformation. A technology ecosystem that shares business data and processes. A business ecosystem whose value is far greater thatn the sum of its component technology

New Eco System

Advantages of the New Paradigm

Adapts to Business Needs
Flexible Ecosystem
Integrates Business Applications
Cooperation opens up Innovation
Scalable Industry Solutions
Manages Business Relationships
Open API
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But we also see an Urgent and More Important Need

Business governed by traditional accounting and ERP systems can't keep up with today's pace of change and disruption.

These systems were designed for the smoke stack economy and mass production.

axiapac changes this. Discover How.

Lean Thinking that drives Customer Value and your Accounting Metrics powered by Cloud Platform digital technology.

Industry Solution
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Key to Digital Transformation is a Lean Thinking Mindset

It begins by calling something that is accepted as “just the way work happens here” by a new name. Waste

The challenge is to recognise that eliminating waste must be part of the work we do so that we may continuously improve. And the outcome of this doing is ultimately increased business profit.

axiapac helps you to find, measure and eliminate Waste. Here's the Key

Businesses that are not lean waste 95% of their people’s time on activities that do not add value for their customer.

Kyocera Waste
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axiapac Drives the Lean Pursuit of Perfection

The axiapac cloud platform connects the 5 Lean Principles but it's fundamental purpose is to orchestrate the pursuit of perfection. It's here that we can exploit the digital ecosystem to measure each of the lean steps.

Our Lean Accounting framework manages the business functions of the value stream activity and our breakthrough tools drive the continuous improvement at the business process and value stream level.

axiapac measures your progress as you Seek Perfection.

Digital Lean Thinking
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How axiapac simplifies Digital Transformation by Building an Ecosystem Platform

The axiapac cloud platform provides an Open API framework that connects multi-vendor APPs to the Ecosystem to enable sharing of digital data and digital processes. Because of this digitisation, we have the mechanisms to coordinate activity between teams, manage the workflow and measure the value of these activities.

At our core is Lean Accounting, which provides the engine to power customer defined value creation across the entire breadth of the ecosystem platform.

Lean Accounting Drivers

axiapac is designed for businesses that want to Grow.

Standard Functions

Financial Management
Customer Relationship Management
Supply Chain Management
Job Costing
Estimating and Quoting
Single Touch Payroll
Human Resources Management
Operations Management
Project Management
Document Control & Management
Social Media
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5 Simple Steps to Successfully Grow your Business

To successfully grow a lean business you must align purpose, processes and people across value streams. Each of our tools actively engages people within value streams rather than functional teams or departments. This means we can then provide meaningful performance metrics on identifying and eliminating the 8 deadly wastes of DOWNTIME. Which is an acronym for Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-utilised Talent, Transportation, Inventory, Motion and Extra Processing.

Step 1. Remove Waste from your Office Processes.

Introducing axiapac Office Assistant which is available in all editions. For businesses new to Lean Thinking and Lean Accounting this is the first place to begin your Lean Journey.

100% of office work is waste, since it does not add value to the customer.

However experience has shown that once waste is identified and measured by our Office Assistant you can easily eliminate 40% of this work

Office Assistant

Step 2. Get all Employees involved in Eliminating Office Waste.

Employee Portal

axiapac Employee Portal allows an employee to directly and efficiently perform administrative tasks without the paperwork and communication errors.

Change of address, phone, next of kin, sick day, leave requests, receive or deliver documents, submit timesheets, receive notifications and more are easily performed by an employee without administrative overhead.

Employee Portal users do not require a user licence, as they are included within your monthly subscription fee.

Step 3. Remove Waste from your Business Services

axiapac Business Coach is designed to eliminate waste from your business services.

Research has shown that typically 85% of service work is waste.

We believe that the metrics provided by our Business Coach will easily help you to eliminate between
30-80% of this waste.

Business Coach Stop Watch

Step 4. Improve your Business Performance.

Trusted Advisor Handshake

axiapac Trusted Advisor provides the metrics for higher level Lean Thinking and Six Sigma aimed at the value streams, revenue growth and business strategy.

You must have the appropriate leadership, knowledge and experience to be able to implement these benefits into your business.

Applied correctly it will lead to a highly successful digital transformation of your business producing significant increases in revenue, profit and sustained, long term business value.

Step 5. Continuously Improve and Seek Perfection

Failure to learn, communicate, educate or provide proper training on business strategy and processes leads to waste and contributes to the other 8 deadly wastes. Successful leaders understand that learning new skills and changing with the times are fundamental for survival and absolutely necessary for business growth.

Digital Transformation is speeding up these changes and disrupting industries.

Traditional Accounting has already run it's race but many Accountants who are not aware of Lean Thinking, let alone Lean Accounting are providing incomplete advice to businesses.

Don't get caught out, we recommend business owners speak with an advisor who is an expert in Lean Thinking. A short consultation will provide you with the opportunity to understand what Lean Thinking can do for you.

Group Of Advisor

As an added incentive, our certified advisors have access to axiapac Trusted Advisor which they can plug into your system even if you're running Lean Office or Lean Business.

axiapac simplifies your Lean Digital Transformation. Take the next Step.

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axiapac Cloud Subscription
Monthly Outlay per User
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per month


per month


per month
Employees 200-1000
Lean Accounting
Standard Document and File Storage 5GB 50GB 1TB
Add on Apps 5 20 100
Office Assistant (beta)
Employee Portal
eInvoicing (EDI Gateway, beta)
External Document Management and File Storage
Business Coach (beta)
Trusted Advisor (under wraps)