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SMS Service Provision

Axiapac can provide an integrated SMS solution that costs far less per SMS than the major Telco's and can be used seamlessly with your existing data. No extra equipment is required as the SMS is sent via our Internet gateway and the SMS can be automatically launched from any mobile number field in Axiapac.


The Axiapac message centre can be configured to automatically send messages based on certain conditions such as time of day, job status, technician idle and job not started. These messages can be set up as templates which can be automatically populated with data from the Axiapac database.The business benefits from an integrated SMS solution includes:

  • Streamlining the communication between the office and field staff, as the details contained in an SMS message reduce the misunderstandings and missed information that occur in phone communication
  • Messages and instructions can be preconfigured as message templates and automated based on certain conditions as defined in the Axiapac message centre action rules interface saving valuable time and reducing human error
  • Fully automate aspects of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process to generate follow ups, job reminders, generate marketing campaigns and client evaluation of technician performance.

.. Time to streamline communications between office, field and customers