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Navman Wireless GPS Vehicle Tracking Integration

Significantly increase staff productivity, billable hours and timesheet accuracy with the Navman Wireless GPS Vehicle Tracking system integrated with Axiapac.


This integration means that your technicians no longer need to fill out timesheets, as time on the job is automatically and accurately recorded when they clock on and clock off jobs. This information simultaneously updates the payroll timesheet, job costings and job status. The job status can be user defined to cover situations such as job completed, waiting on parts, call back required, etc.

The business results achieved from this integration are:

  • Increase in billable hours as Technicians can start the day on site not in the office
  • Increase in billable hours as Technicians cannot undercharge clients for time on the job as the clock on / clock off times are automatically recorded
  • Easy and accurate dispatch of job details
  • Job information and status are updated in real time, so that all staff have access to the most up to date data
  • Reduction in vehicle usage costs, as jobs can be allocated by geographic location, minimising technician travel time, maximising billable hours, whilst reducing vehicle maintenance and fuel costs
  • Technicians are more accountable for their time
  • Streamlined field communications leading to a reduction in mobile phone costs, time wasted playing phone tag and greater accuracy in the information being exchanged

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