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Only Integrated Accounting and Job Costing can Produce an Accurate Bottom Line

"Your project manager checks his project management system and tells you that the job is on budget and you're making a profit, your service manager says someone forgot to bill a customer for their special order part, a month or so later your accountant reports that you're making a loss..."


Axiapac's integrated accounting functions and job costing procedures guarantee that all your costs are shown against the relevant jobs ensuring your job profit figures are accurate, up to date and all costs are recovered.

It is powered by a double entry, open item, flexible date driven approach which enables up to the minute Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, General Ledger, Budgets, Forecast vs Actual, GST / BAS reporting and Final Reports, including support for divisional reporting, monthly reporting, sub account breakdowns, multiple bank accounts and bank reconciliations.



Supplier invoices are simultaneously posted to the general ledger, inventory and/or costed against the appropriate job(s). Monthly accounts can be batch processed by due date and an industry standard "ABA" file created ready for direct debit payment through your bank.