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Maximise the Skills of your Valuable Human Resources

Each employee has their own calendar, showing their work hours, scheduled annual leave, training days and availability. If a technician phones in sick, their calendar is updated and their unavailability is immediately shown on the Job Schedule. Job skills, licence expiry dates, training requirements, induction checklists, blue cards, insurances, site inductions, etc. can be recorded against each employee and then automatically checked as required when processing related employee functions to reduce business risk (eg licence expired) and wasted time (eg technician without the required skills sent to the job).


An employee register can track events such as call backs, injuries, work incidents, etc. and record follow up action required, warnings given, etc. so that a full work history is available for each employee.

One timesheet entry updates the job costing, accounting and payroll functions in a single step and can be fully automated if the technician has an enabled wireless device in which they simply clock on / clock off each job. This process will dramatically reduce paperwork, generate substantial time/cost savings whilst providing significant improvements in accuracy and billable hours.


Wages can be computed weekly, fortnightly and/or monthly, with routine provision for all allowances and deductions, plus accrual of RDOs, sick leave, annual leave and other benefits. A full history for each employee, showing the pay period, gross pay, allowances, deductions, tax, hours worked, overtime, leave taken, accruals, and a running balance of leave and RDO entitlements is available. Reporting of PAYG tax, BAS and payment summaries for electronic lodgement to the ATO is automatically taken care of by Axiapac, so there is no need to pay an external accountant each time a report is due.


The productivity/ breakeven labour rate for each technician can be easily calculated using the timesheet / payroll data and then used to quantify minimum performance benchmarks such as weekly chargeable hours so each technician understands their responsibility and management can verify their actual value and contribution to the business.

...Time to effectively manage your employees