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Keep your Large Projects on Track and Under Budget

In Axiapac, large projects always start with an estimate of costs to establish a budget using the integrated pricebook, labour rates and assemblies to provide a powerful framework to quickly and accurately create professional quotations using a predefined library of MS word template documents, in which detailed labour, material(s) quoted, supply only and subcontract costs with appropriate profit·margins can be calculated under specific cost centres.


On commencement of the job, orders can be automatically generated to ensure that quoted / project prices obtained at the estimate stage are maintained. All invoiced costs against the job must be matched to these orders to ensure no overcharging or oversupply can occur. The other major advantage with committed costs is that any cost overruns are identified long before invoices are received, so that action can be taken much earlier in the project to ensure adequate cash-flow.


Variations can be raised, costed against the budget, certificates sent to the client, tracked until approved and claimed for. Progress claims can be generated using either percentage or value of work completed pricing methods, with automatic calculation of retention, work completed and variations can be added into the claim.


The project manager at a click of a button can see the scheduled contract completion dates, forecast cost to complete, hours to complete, any contingencies, date of practical completion, maximum contract retention, retention rate and due dates for retention claim backs. Any budget overruns can be quickly identified, so as they happen you always know the current cost to complete the job and take the appropriate action.

...Time to keep your costs under control