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Unlimited all-in-one Help Desk Support Service

Simply call 1300 669 515 or email support@axiapac.com.au.

Axiapac has a dedicated in house Help Desk, so responses to your support requests are addressed by people who have been involved in the development of our software and use it on a daily basis.


It is designed to provide an all-in-one help desk service that is simple to use and efficiently provides you with answers to problems related to your Axiapac installation, basic use and basic functionality. As you will not be charged for this service under your rental agreement, a fair use policy is applied since the help desk is design to provide quick and precise answers to your immediate problem and is not a substitute for training.

You may either email or telephone our dedicated 1300 669 515 support number and according to your nominated priority each support request is allocated a ticket number which is then tracked until it is resolved.

... Time to get answers to your questions when it's needed.