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Onsite and Classroom based Training is included in the Package Price

Axiapac is designed to operate the way you run your business, using the same language and forms that your employees are already familiar with. As such, learning to use Axiapac is very intuitive and straight forward.


However, it is essential that your implementation of Axiapac delivers the maximum return on your investment. We are committed to ensuring that you know how to use your software, so your implementation of Axiapac includes both onsite and classroom based training in the package price to ensure you fully understand how you can achieve the benefits that it will deliver to your business.

Our onsite consultation includes planning, implementation, installation, systems administration and basic training. Classroom training involves learning specific parts of the package as they pertain to the job functions of your staff including courses in Accounting, Payroll / HRM, Service Management and Project Management.

... Time to use the software to its full capability